Online Shopping Continues To Move Upwards In Popularity


Online shopping is on the rise (but are we really surprised?). With more people shopping online, it means we need more delivery trucks and freight trucks.

Cities are starting to experience a large number of challenges with the increases in population and the rise of online shopping. Here’s why.

Move More, and Move it Faster

We want our stuff and we want it now. Right? Nowadays, people want to be able to order an item and receive it within one to two days. I mean, why shouldn’t we? Well there is a lot more that goes into the transportation of your packages than you think, and cities are struggling to keep up. Delivery services are struggling with being able to fit enough items in their truck as well as find a place to park (especially in a downtown area). The delivery is not as easy as it might seem!

Delivery Systems Need to Improve

To be fair, cities and delivery services seem to be trying to keep up – however, they have powerful online systems but still have to deliver the items from those systems by trucks/planes/freight. In addition, these services still have to struggle with theft. You might say that people should make sure to have their packages only delivered when they can sign for them, which makes sense but is pretty unrealistic.

So What’s the Good News?

Research is being done to tackle these sorts of issues. The hope is that someday we will be able to receive our packages as easily as we were able to order them, and the streets won’t be clogged with delivery vehicles in the process. Seems a lot easier said than done, but I sure hope that day comes soon!

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