Shopping Apps Are Where It’s At


Shopping apps are the new trend for easy shopping. Much like shopping online, you can click, order, and have your items shipped with ease. You have available to you an array of items from personalized items, to run of the mill products. Some apps are huge, giving customers access to places such as Walmart, or to personal retailers such as Spoil which sends food items, like cupcakes or tea, to US based customers.

Walmart Pay

Walmart released their Walmart Pay, which allows you to scan an item, pay, and go, without you having to wait in line at the checkout for an item, though it is still in beta testing and only available at a single store at this point.


Spoil, a gift food app, is a quirky way to send an adorable food item to anyone in the US. With a cute app page, and hundreds of food items, anyone can find an easy gift fit for even the pickiest people. With hundreds of food items including, cupcakes, flowers, cookies, truffles, candles, champagne, stuffed animals, balloons, or even a surprise gift.


Hintsy, a personalized app, allows you to pick from hundreds of products. And they even let you personalize the product all the way to picking the type of wrapping paper you wish your gift to be wrapped in. It also allows you to choose a card to be delivered with your package to that perfect person.


Snappy is a little different than other apps. It allows the gift receiver to first pick the gift they want the most, within the price range, and then allows you to purchase the gift that the person picked out. This app is perfect for those hard to buy for people, giving them the choices of picking out the perfect gift for themselves, and then allowing you to purchase it. On the downside, the gift receiver picked the gift, so there won’t be any surprise when they receive it, but you know they’ll love it.


With shopping apps taking the retail empire by storm, it’s got some great points that make such a difficult thing as picking a gift simpler, added on, you can purchase directly from your phone. Shopping is becoming more technologically advanced, and with the invention of such cool apps it’s no wonder they are the new “in” gift.

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