Buying in Bulk


There are many ways to cut corners here and there to save a bit of money while doing shopping for things you cannot live without. One of those ways is buying bulk, but does it really save you money and how can you possible take advantage of such large deals at such low prices? Here are a few things to consider when buying in bulk.

The first tip is pretty simple – it’s usually safe to buy items in bulk that do not expire, or those that have a long shelf life. These items are thing like nonperishable foods, toilet paper, paper towels, office supplies, toothpaste, aspirins, batteries, trash bags, laundry detergent, etc. You get the point. These things can sit on the shelf for a long time, but keep it within reason. Some things like food, toothpaste, and medications do eventually expire so try to keep that in mind as you purchase, and only purchase enough that you know for sure they will not expire before you have time to use it.

Another issue is space. Make sure there is a decent amount of space for the items you are buying. There’s nothing worse than buying a thousand rolls of toilet paper, and then getting home wondering where you’re going to put it all. So, the idea is to purchase things at a lower price, but within the limitation of the home you live in and if it expires. You can always donate a space in your home for these bulk items such as containers that slide under the bed, or a shelf in that hallway closet that has kept the old towels that you never use and don’t mind being rid of.

Food items are not always the best of purchases unless you consider the basics. How much of the food purchased can your family eat without things spoiling? If there’s a large chance of spoilage, then it may not be the best way to purchase that particular item. Remember, only buy what you can use within that time frame. Pasta and beans are always good pantry items, as the shelf life for beans is a year, and for pasta it’s two. But there are ways to buy food in bulk and that’s splitting the cost. Reach out to family, friends, and neighbors to see if anyone is willing to go half on an item in bulk. That way, you still receive the savings without throwing away large amounts of food.

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